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Investing In Your Future

Kensington Shorre is a premier provider of business and property finance.


We are unique in the industry as we effectively conduct a full and thorough underwrite of your case before it is presented to a funding line. This is to ensure you are best placed to be included in our 90% success rate. 

By taking this extra care and foresight, we are able to save your valuable time and secure you the best solution & interest rate for your needs.


We work with companies and professionals looking for secured and unsecured business finance, including the construction sector, where we have specialist knowledge in financing small and large developments with our own unique funding lines. What separates us from 95% of brokers is our ability to look at a case on day one through the eyes of a finance company underwriter, as opposed to the last minute ‘copy and paste’ of an application.

​Business Cash Advance

  • Up to 300% lend against average monthly card turnover

  • Pay as you earn based on turnover

  • No proof of income needed

  • All credit profiles considered

  • Revolving funding line

  • No restriction on funding usage

The most flexible funding option in the market place

Secured Term Loan

  • Up to 75% LTV

  • No proof of income

  • 3rd party security accepted

  • No restriction on use of funds

  • Adverse considered

  • New start businesses

Using your assets to benefit business funding & growth

Development Finance

  • First time developers considered

  • No minimum or maximum unit number

  • Up to 75% of GDV

  • Mezzanine lines

  • Bespoke rate and terms to suit all developments

  • Our known expertise takes us straight in to decision makers


Customised funding lines for all development projects built around development professionals  

Unsecured Commercial Loans

  • Funding available within 7 days subject to documentation

  • Minimal paperwork

  • Able to deal with adverse credit & CCJ’s

  • Up to 5 year terms with competitive rates

  • No security on assets required

  • Borrow up to £5,000,000

  • No early repayment fees & fast decisions


Flexible quick funding for business growth

Bridge/Property Purchase

  • Commercial mortgage

  • Equity release

  • Auction finance

  • Portfolio finance

  • Development finance - light and heavy refurbishment projects

  • Valuation exempt products available

  • Variety of rates and terms

Enabling businesses to increase their assets quickly

Invoice Discounting/Factoring

  • Ensures ongoing cash flow support for business, not just a one-off facility

  • Quick application process

  • Offer ongoing facilities

  • Competitive and affordable rates

  • Immediate payment on future invoices over 30-90 days

  • Access to funds within 24 hours



Ideal for Improving cashflow in the short term

Business Finance
Why We Are Different


What separates Kensington Shorre from 95% of brokers in the market is our ability to look at a case on day one in through the eyes of a finance company underwriter, as opposed to the last minute ‘copy and paste’ of an application.


Our industry knowledge means that we know which underwriting criteria and funding line closely matches your needs and which finance company is most suitable for your particular business finance requirements. This means we increase your chance of success and the speed of the decision making process.

Our expertise and track record provides us with unrivalled access to the inner circle of some of the top finance companies and funding lines.

This allows Kensington Shorre to take a case straight in to a Finance Company or Bank via the VIP area and deal directly with a "Can Do" Senior Manager or Director, as opposed to going through the front door with everyone else and dealing with a front line gate keeper.


95% of our customers come back to us due to our unrivalled service and fast decisions, allowing their business to continue uninterrupted and expand over the years.

Whether your requirements are small or large, we care equally...
Which is why 95% of our clients come back to us.


Against all the odds, Sarah found us a workable solution to our
re-financing, she loves a challenge and she certainly rose to it.

On the ball, stress free and simply made it happen. We have more than halved our finance costs.

Would definitely recommend with no hesitation.



Become part of the Kensington Shorre Partner Programme

We consistently provide a 90% approval rate and are able to assist clients that have previously been unsuccessful exploring other avenues. Our ability to look at this in the eyes of a finance company underwriter allows us to accurately select which of the multiple different funders is most suitable and well aligned for your needs.


Accountants, solicitors, finance companies and banks regularly introduce their clients to us for business finance.


In addition, we work with other finance brokers and this is due to our unique skills. We are always looking to expand our business through referrals but we always remember the client is your client and we never re-approach without your consent, working openly and honestly with the upmost integrity.


With small businesses finding it increasingly difficult to access working capital through traditional methods, the need for them to turn to alternative financing solutions to fund their plans for growth is all the more important.

Kensington Shorre are the premier providers of business cash advances in the UK, offering small business funding when banks cannot.


If you'd like to discuss the possibility of working together to give your clients the best access to business finance and would like to meet us to discuss joining the Kensington Shorre Partner Programme, then please do get in contact by calling Sarah Fisher on +44 (0) 7391 86 86 35 or by emailing

Alternatively, complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page specifying that you would like to receive more details regarding the Partner Programme.

Partner Programme

"We are dedicated to helping our clients access funding that can work with their own assets and cash reserves to increase their business profits through our product portfolio."

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